Temple Doors

The doors of the temple are important to me.
They signify the covenants we make both in the temple and at baptism. Making and keeping covenants is one way I have aimed to keep my life in line with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. When I am living within the covenants I have made, I am welcome in His holy temple. When I am not living them, I am not welcome. The doors represent abiding with God. 
They also represent effort. If I can get myself through the temple doors, I have shown the effort required to physically put myself in a sacred place. 
Russel M. Nelson said " The Lord loves effort. The Lord loves consistency. The Lord loves steadfastness. While we surely will come up short from time to time, our persistent efforts to hear Him and follow the inspiration He gives us will help us to 'wax strong in the Spirit'"
There is so much in life that is unclear and, at times, confusing. The temple doors have been the opposite of that. I have always known that I want to be inside the temple. The doors represent that there is a way back to our Father in Heaven and through Jesus Christ we have a way. 
My goal in this collection is to portray the doors of temples all around the world. Each one is to be suspended in white space so that it feels removed from context and totally personal. They will all be done on 300 lb Arches watercolor paper and Schminke watercolors. My hope is to, slowly but surely, paint the doors of every temple.